Chapter 27

Stepping out of the dormitory door, Xu Moqi put on his coat and looked around. He caught a glimpse of the figures in black at the corner of an alley.

“Hey! You two, come out!”

. . . ?

These days, two men in black followed the young master silently at the old master’s command. They kept an eye on his actions, and no matter what happened, they had to report back.

They thought they were hiding well, and the task was easy. But they didn’t expect to be discovered at this moment.

We didn’t hear anything. We had to pretend we didn’t hear anything, they said to themselves silently. The young master was very clever. He must be trying to sound them out!

Xu Moqi raised his eyebrows. He was a little testy, but now his mood had become very bad.

“At the entrance of the alley in front to the left, the two men in black, who look sordid, I’m talking to you! Can’t you understand me? Or are you deaf and can’t hear anything?

. . . ?

“Er, Brother Feng, the young master is talking to us, isn’t he?”

He looked down at his clothes and touched his cheek. The position was right and the clothes were right. But were they the ones who looked sordid?

“Uh, except for the description of our character that needs to be questioned, everything else is correct. Did the young master really find us?”

The two men looked at each other in the entrance of the alley and talked quietly. When they looked back, they were shocked to see that there was one more person in front of them.

Hey! Sure enough, it was the smart young master.

Now that he was standing in front of them, there was no need to disguise anything. Anyway, the old master ordered them to follow up. They just acted according to the orders of their superior. When they looked at each other, they bowed their heads and called respectfully, “Yes, sir! Can I help you?”

“Would I call you if I didn’t need help?” Xu Moqi looked coldly at the two of them, and he wondered how the old fox could find such a pair of idiots to follow him.

“Uh . . . ”

The two men were silent, and they were unable to respond for a moment. While they were still at a loss for what to say, the young master, who was in a bad mood, said, “Do you know where the girl with me was taken?”

“Uh . . . ” They were in a state of shock. It seemed that the young master had known about it. They also wondered if they would find an opportunity to secretly disclose it to the young master.

“We only saw that she was taken away by the young lady of Qianqiu House Property and The Group of Moshi. As for where they went, I don’t know.”

Xu Moqi’s brow furrowed as soon as he heard these words. “Damn it! I know it’s them!” No more hesitation; the tone of his voice was a little anxious. “Is your car here?”

The topic turned a little fast, but one of them answered in time. “Yes! Just stop at the crossing.”

Xu Moqi stretched out his hand. “Give me the key!”

The man who answered just now quietly looked at another man beside him. When he saw him looking at himself blankly, he angrily said, “Why are you so silly! Hurry up and take it out!”


In a flurry, he took out the key and offered it with both hands. Xu Moqi took it and turned to walk away. As soon as he took two steps, he stopped immediately. He looked back at the two bodyguards.

“You go back to the old fox or the little man right away. Let them search for the two addresses you just mentioned! Call me as soon as you find them!”

After saying that, he left behind the two men who were gapi

ng at each other.

“Here? It’s far from the old master’s house. The young master has just taken the car. Should we run back?”

“Stupid! Can’t we take a taxi?”

“Oh, yes! You’re so smart, Brother Feng!”

“Stop sucking up to me! Looking at the young master’s restless expression. The girl who was taken away seems to be very important to him, right? Come on! Quickly go back and tell the old master!”

. . .

Ji Xiaotiao stood in a corner, looking at the huge garden with all kinds of food and drinks. Passing strangers occasionally glanced at her, but most of them had mockery in their eyes.

Yeah! Looking at her cheap clothes and her ugly face; she was completely out of step with the whole banquet. She really didn’t understand why Qianhui and Moli had wanted her to come. At this moment, they left her alone with strangers, and they both ran away.

Just as she was thinking this, she saw Qianhui coming towards her wearing a delicate smile. She did not know when she had put on a beautiful dress. A ray of light shone from the back of her hand, and then Ji Xiaotiao took a close look. Hey! She even wore a diamond ring.

Qianhui greeted some friends along the way, and deliberately showed off the diamond ring on her finger. She did not ignore Ji Xiaotiao’s surprised look. Although there was a smile on her face, her thoughts were squarely focused on her desire to teach Ji Xiaotiao a lesson.

She went to Ji Xiaotiao’s side and stumbled over her feet. As soon as she was going to fall, Ji Xiaotiao immediately reached out and held her fast.

Qianhui showed an imperceptible smile at the corner of her mouth, then stood up and thanked her gratefully. Then she naturally had a chat with her.

After a while, the lights darkened all around. On the temporary platform in the garden came a beautiful girl.

Moli was wearing a long pink dress, and her lovely face was more pure and sweet now. Ji Xiaotiao, who was very intoxicated with what she saw from a distance, thought that if Moli’s temper was better, what a perfect girl she would be.

Tonight, the host stood on the stage and raised her glass to everyone. After she said  thank you to all for coming, the banquet officially began. At last, everyone could talk freely and eat and drink at will.

Suddenly, a cry of alarm caught everyone’s attention.

“Ah! It’s missing! My diamond ring is missing!”

Qianhui cried out in panic, and Ji Xiaotiao, standing beside her, was apparently shocked. Looking back at her left hand where the sparkling diamond ring had once been, it was absolutely empty. The glittering ring truly disappeared.

All of a sudden, the crowd gathered around and some people asked with concern, “How can it disappear? Didn’t I see you wearing it on your hand just now? Did you drop it somewhere? We will help you look for it on the ground.”

Qianhui pouted her lips and looked like she was about to cry. “How could it be missing? This is my favorite ring! I treasure it so much that I don’t even want to wear it on weekdays.”

While Qianhui was still complaining, Ji Xiaotiao had squatted on the ground to help find it. Even if her bag was on the ground, she did not care about that at all.

It was because Ji Xiaotiao was so serious in her search that she did not realize that, at this moment, everyone’s eyes were surprised as they concentrated on a small pocket on the outside of her bag.

It was the place where the small change was stored, but now because the bag was on the ground, there was a shiny thing flashing from with in the pocket.

Qianhui smiled secretly. God was helping her! She had thought that if she could not find a good opportunity to fabricate a charge against Ji Xiaotiao, she would search people one by one to show everyone’s innocence. Finally, when she searched Ji Xiaotiao’s bag, naturally she couldn’t escape. But she didn’t expect that she would reveal herself at this time.

Ji Xiaotiao, who was buried in her search, seemed to have noticed that the atmosphere around her was abnormal, so she immediately looked up. Seeing that everyone was looking at her, she couldn’t help opening her mouth, asking, “What’s wrong with you? Why are you looking at me?”

At this time, Qianhui’s expression changed. She pointed to the outside pocket of Ji Xiaotiao’s bag, and coldly said, “Ji Xiaotiao! What’s in your pocket?”

Ji Xiaotiao followed her indication and looked at the glittering thing. Her heart was pounding immediately. How could it be there?

“It’s you! You stole my ring!”

As soon as Qianhui’s accusation was out of her mouth, a voice of approval was heard all around.

“God. I can’t believe that she stole it!”

“Ha! This is the common failing of the poor! When she sees something good in someone else, she just wants to lead away the sheep by the hand.”

“What a nuisance! Why invite her to the party? She’s such a wet blanket!”

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