Chapter 28

“No, it wasn’t me!” Ji Xiaotiao immediately explained with an anxious expression.

She took out the ring from her pocket with haste and confusion, and handed it to Qianhui.

Qianhui showed a mocking expression. She was so anxious to find the ring, but now she didn’t even look at it and kept a firm eye on Ji Xiaotiao.

“Not you? Stop kidding! So many of us saw it clearly. How can you be so shameless to say it’s not you?”

“No, I mean it! It really wasn’t me!” Ji Xiaotiao was dumb. At this moment, because she was looked at with contempt by a group of people, she was even more disturbed.

“Stop quibbling!” An onlooker mocked, saying, “We’re not blind. You said it wasn’t you. Well! So you’d better tell us how Qianhui’s ring got into the pocket of your bag. Did it fly in with its own wings?”

“Ha-ha!” There was a lot of laughter all around. Ji Xiaotiao lowered her head and bit her lip as she reached out her flat hand to Qianhui.

“I’m returning it to you! I’m giving you the ring! I really didn’t steal it!”

Ji Xiaotiao’s eyes were red. She really didn’t know how the ring had gotten into the pocket of her bag for no reason, but the fact was that the ring was found there. She did not know how to explain it. Now she just wanted to give the ring back to Qianhui quickly and leave this place.

Hmph! Qianhui sneered at her coldly. Glancing at the diamond ring on Ji Xiaotiao’s hand in front of her, she took it slowly with both hands. Then her eyebrows raised, and she saw that Ji Xiaotiao was about to open her mouth to say something.

In fact, she could guess what the silly girl wanted to say without waiting for her to open her mouth. When she saw her panic, she knew she wanted to run away. Unfortunately, how could she let her go so easily when the drama had just begun?


Qianhui just suddenly reached out and threw the ring in her hand into the open-air pool beside her just as Ji Xiaotiao was about to speak.

With a lot of slightly surprised gasps and Ji Xiaotiao’s startled expression, Qianhui coldly said, “I don’t want a ring that’s been touched by such a poor and pathetic girl as you! If you really like it so much, then go down and pick it up! If you can find it, I will give it to you and not pursue this matter any further!”

What’s eating that guy? How can Xu Moqi like this silly girl? Qianhui was annoyed when she remembered Xu Moqi’s expression in public as he admitted that Ji Xiaotiao was his girlfriend that day.

Why? How can a fool like Ji Xiaotiao get Xu Moqi’s love?

Now, although it was mid-April and the weather had warmed up a lot, it was still a bit cold that spring night.

Ji Xiaotiao was wearing thin clothes with a hat, and there was a buzz in her ears.


She didn’t steal it! She didn’t steal that ring! Why didn’t everyone believe her? Why would no one even try to believe her?


Taking a walk down memory lane, Ji Xiaotiao had been a rather confused child since childhood.

She was simple-minded and never cared about anything. Other children always made fun of her. Every time there was a parents’ meeting at school, her aunt or her uncle would attend, and everyone else would ask where her parents had gone.

She was not sad. She always smiled and said that her aunt was her parent.

Maybe it was because she was simple and easy to approach that a little boy in the class always liked to play with her. Several girls couldn’t stand it, and they wondered why she, without a mom and dad, could gain the favor of others?

At noon one day, while she

was away, those girls took the little boy’s watch from the locker and secretly put it into Ji Xiaotiao’s schoolbag. When the two of them came back, the boy found his watch missing. Then the classmates helped to find it, and finally it was discovered in Ji Xiaotiao’s bag.

Since that day, the little boy had not said a word to Ji Xiaotiao.


“Ah! She really dove in!”

In the crowd, someone made a cry of alarm. When people pursued the direction of the voice, they heard the sound of the splashing water, and a small figure jumped into the pool just like that, feeling no fear.

The pool in the garden was only for viewing, and not very deep. When she jumped down, the water only submerged her up to her neck, as she was small.

She shrank slightly as she entered the water. No sound could be heard in her ears, and she bit her lower lip. Then she took a deep breath and dove into the water.

While the crowd was surprised, several people amidst a quarrel appeared nearby.

“Excuse me, Master Xu! This is a private house. You can’t come in without permission!”

The housekeeper tried to stop him as he walked. The young man was really fierce, and he really had no appreciation of proper limits for action. The bodyguards looked strong, but they were downed by him in the blink of an eye.

“Fuck off!”

“Please don’t make us feel awkward! Today is Miss Moli’s birthday. Please don’t make trouble and quickly leave.”

Alas. It wasn’t easy to be a housekeeper. He couldn’t afford to offend Miss Moli, but the young master of the Xu family certainly couldn’t be offended by her.

“Again! Get out of here!”

After all, Xu Moqi was of extraordinary origin and inherited the dominance of the family Xu. His eyebrows rose like two hills, and that made people shudder. Although the housekeeper was over forty years old, he was somewhat panic-stricken when he saw Xu Moqi.

Several bodyguards, who had been downed before, dared not go any further.

A group of people went straight to the front of the crowd, and many people who came to the banquet almost recognized who they were at a glance. All the men and women were surprised, and they thought that Xu Moqi had been invited by Moli.

But Qianhui and Moli, when they caught their first glance of Xu Moqi, their hearts suddenly cooled.

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