Chapter 29

“Is that Xu Moqi, the young master of the Xu Family? Oh my god! Xu Moqi is the genius of Fenghua Private High School.”

“It’s really him! I didn’t expect Moli would invite him.”

“Huh? I don’t think that’s right. He doesn’t look like he came to party, he looks like he. . . ”

Xu Moqi ignored everyone’s probing eyes and looked at a group of people in front of him coldly. Failing to find that familiar figure, he finally stopped his eyes on the two girls who were holding each other’s hands tightly, not far away.

He stepped forward with a faint anger in his brooding eyes.

“Where is she?”

Although he didn’t mention the name, Qianhui and Moli knew very well who “she” was.

Moli’s hand tugged at Qianhui tightly and her face turned white. When she first heard Qianhui’s proposal to tease Ji Xiaotiao, she had disapproved. After all, the Ji Xiaotiao of now was different from the past, and Xu Moqi had come out to support her personally. How dare they bully her?

But Qianhui refused to listen to her, and she insisted that she had to teach her a lesson. If the plan was implemented at school, their actions might become known to Xu Moqi, who was studying at Fenghua, so they deliberately took advantage of the birthday party to trick Ji Xiaotiao into their home.

To their surprise, things had gotten out of control even at home.

“Where is she?”

Seeing the two people in front of him pursing their lips and not responding, Xu Moqi could not help asking again with emphasis; the frown on his lips made his impatience apparent.

Qianhui’s heart was beating violently at this moment. She clenched her lower lip and dared not speak out. She never imagined that Xu Moqi would come here. Looking at his unhappy expression, she didn’t know what would happen to her if she told him that Ji Xiaotiao was in the water now.

She subconsciously shook her head, and was too afraid to speak out.

Xu Moqi saw that both of them pretended not to know, and in a flash, his anger rose. They’re the ones who dragged Ji Xiaotiao here, and yet they dared shake their heads and pretend to be naive.

Xu Moqi stepped forward and grabbed Qianhui’s wrist. She wanted to shout out in pain, but she swallowed the urge back after seeing his cold expression.

In Xu Moqi’s mind, there was no spirit of “having compassion for womanhood.” There were only incorrigible fools and lovely fools in his heart. Obviously, Qianhui was the former, and Ji Xiaotiao was the latter.

Just as Xu Moqi tried his best to solve the problem with “violence,” there was a sudden sound of water in his ears. Looking puzzled, he saw the familiar figure whom he was always worrying about stand up from the pool.


Ji Xiaotiao was gasping for breath and shivering with cold, but her face was ablaze with a bright smile.

She didn’t spot Xu Moqi in the crowd. To be exact, there was only one person in her sight at the moment. She was moving forward with difficulty. Swimming up to the edge of the pool, she raised her hand and looked at Qianhui with eager eyes.

“I found it, and I’m returning it to you! I really didn’t steal your ring. Can you believe me?”

Ji Xiaotiao’s face was pale and her lips were a little dark. But she still watched Qianhui intensely, hoping to be trusted.

Everyone in the garden looked at her in surprise, and most of them regarded the stubborn girl with special respect. The only difference was Xu Moqi, who looked even more angry when he saw the person who’d emerged from the water.

He immediately took off his coat and draped it over Ji Xiaotiao without saying

a word. She didn’t have time to respond at all and only looked at him with a befuddled expression.

“Xu Moqi?”

“Yes.” He just responded lightly, without too much emotion.

“Oh, you’re here, too?”

Ji Xiaotiao lowered her head. She felt that Xu Moqi must have thought that she had stolen the ring. Maybe when they got back, he would drive her away.

“Ji Xiaotiao!”


Every time Xu Moqi called her, she always responded to him unconsciously like that.

“Do you want to provoke me by making yourself look so pathetic?”

“. . . ”

“I’ve told you that you’d better go straight home after school. Do you listen to me? Or do you care nothing about what I tell you?”


“Don’t quibble with me!”

“. . . ”

“This time you’ve completely provoked me. After we get home, you have to think about how to write a review to my satisfaction. And if you can’t manage that, I’m holding you responsible!”


To the crowd’s surprise, Xu Moqi grabbed Ji Xiaotiao’s ring and threw it on the ground with a frosty expression. Then he held the girl close to him and said to Qianhui coldly, “My little baby is naive, but you can’t bully her at will. You want to play games, don’t you? Fine, I’ll play with you! But it’s too boring to play with this fake diamond ring. Let’s play with your father’s Qianqiu property.”

What?! Fake?

Ji Xiaotiao blinked as she rested in Xu Moqi’s bosom and her head was dizzy. She didn’t listen to the whispers of people around her, and she also didn’t hear what Xu Moqi said just now. She just felt very tired, and her eyelids drooped weakly. She was about to lose her mind, but she was still whispering unconsciously.

“No. I didn’t steal it. . . ”

Holding her tightly, Xu Moqi lowered his face to her ear and whispered, “I know, I believe you. Never mind what other people think, as long as I believe in you.”


At last, her strength seemed to have been exhausted. Ji Xiaotiao fell asleep, and her final moment of consciousness was that Xu Moqi, the brat in her mind, would even treat her so tenderly. Was she dreaming? If it was a dream, let her wake up later. She really liked it.

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