The Super “Dog Food” System - Volume 1 - Chapter 27

Chapter 27

"Ye Tian, stop pretending to be something in front of me. I have already found out that you are just an orphan with no background at all. Do you think that if you become one of the Su Family and you practice a little martial arts that you will be able to do whatever you want? I just want to know if the Su Family will accept a disability."

Seeing that Ye Tianman didn't care about this at all, Lin Feng was furious. He said to the middle-aged man next to him, "Master Chen, please!"

"Please rest assured, Young Master Lin," said the owner, Chen, as he nodded. He looked just like a high-ranking master. He held a glass of wine and took a drop, and said, "Young man, kung fu is not to be used to bully others, and you need to know that there are skies beyond your sky and there are people more excellent than you. Today, I will teach you a lesson instead of your master, in case you offend people who should not be offended in the future."  

"I don't have any master and there is no need for you to worry about it!" Ye Tian exclaimed unceremoniously.

On the surface, the owner had a sense of justice, but he also wanted to give Ye Tian a lesson before he knew the truth of the matter. Obviously, he was totally a jerk.

"You don't have a master? Then what you exhibit must be showy but not practical martial arts." Owner Chen chuckled, and he waved to his disciple on the side and said, "Gao Peng, give him a lesson, lest people say that I bully the youth."

"Well, Master, you can rest assured, and please hand this bastard over to me!" Gao Peng jumped up from the sofa and looked at Ye Tian with a look of disdain. "Buddy," he said, "don't think that just because you have learned a few tricks that you have become invincible in the world. The real Ancient Martial Art is not as simple as just setting up a posture. You can now get down on your knees to make an apology, and I will hit you lighter then."

 As Gao Peng spoke, he picked up a can of beer on the table and squeezed it hard. The unopened canned beer burst directly, the liquid splashed. Looking at the adoring eyes of the girls around who witnessed this feat, Gao Peng was very satisfied with his move. He looked at Ye Tian with arrogance and waited for him to be also shocked and fearful.

However, to his disappointment, Ye Tian was not shocked or fearful at all. He just glanced at him, and said to Lin Feng, "It seems that the lesson I gave you last time is not enough. You dare to come to me for more trouble?"

"You. . . You are fucking dead!"

Gao Pengqi was so angry about being ignored by Ye Tian. Since he had become an Ancient Martial Art practitioner, everyone was so respectful to him.

Gao Peng stepped forward and punched Ye Tian in the face.

"Good!" An excited look flashed in Lin Feng's eyes, and he couldn't wait to watch Ye Tian be badly beaten.

He knew Gao Peng's power, and although Gao Peng was far from the abilities of owner Chen, those bodyguards were not comparable to him in any case.

"Young age, fierce move!" The coldness flashed in Ye Tian's eyes, and he recognized Gao Peng's move was a hammer punch in Taizu Long-range Punch. 

Because he was infused with a lot of Ancient Martial Art by the system, although he did not fully understand other martial arts, he could still recognize some of them. Taizu Long-range Punch was known for its flexibility and multiple changes, but after all, it was born out of the military, like this hammer punch, it was extremely powerful and destructive.

Since Gao Peng was so fierce, Ye Tian directly slammed his fist toward him.

"You want to fight me recklessly with no regard for the consequences? You

are a dead man walking!" Seeing Ye Tian fought without any skill, Gao Peng charged with disdain and punched even harder.

Bang! The two men's double fists bumped together, and suddenly a shearing sound rang out. Gao Peng's proud expression changed at once as he felt the great pain in his arm, and his fist seemed to be pounded by a hammer.

"You . . . ? You are also an Ancient Martial Art practitioner?" Gao Peng shouted incredulously as he held his dislocated arm.

"Do I need to report it to you?" Ye Tian said as he rolled his eyes. He grabbed the other's shoulder with one hand and harshly slammed Gao Peng on the sofa.

One of the barmaids screamed and hurriedly ran outside. Owner Chen was not calm anymore. He grabbed the edge of Gao Peng's clothes and took the strength away, then he softly put Gao Peng on the sofa. He said to Ye Tian with a gloomy look, "Who on earth is your master? Why have I never heard of you? You are so young, yet your moves are so fierce. Hasn't your master taught you well?"

The middle-aged man sat up from the sofa and glanced at Ye Tian with a sharp look.

"No more nonsense, just fight!" Ye Tian did not show any weakness, but was eager to fight.

Although he had little practical experience, and could not win even against Wang Ziwen, he just needed some time. After a very short buffer time, Ye Tian would bring endless horror to his opponent.

Because the system directly infused Ye Tian with the Martial Art of Tai Chi, Ye Tian had the potential that ordinary people could only imagine—not just his own strength—but the experience of the fight.

Owner Chen was extremely angry that he even laughed. He slapped the table with his palm, and his body leaped and he kicked Ye Tian.

When it came to Taizu Long-range Punch, everyone thought of the punch method. In fact, this understanding was completely wrong or one-sided.

Any kind of Ancient Martial Arts method was not all-inclusive, but it was by no means a simple punch method.

The same was true of Taizu Long-range Punch. The long-range punch that owner Chen had learned was from Shaolin. In addition to the most basic punch method of the Thirty-Two Styles Punch, it also included the Ten Styles Toe Kick and the Dragon Stick, among others. And the toe kick owner Chen practiced was powerful.

With his powerful strength, owner Chen did not care about Ye Tian at all. Nonetheless, in Ye Tian's eyes, he thought the move was a good chance for him!

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