The Super “Dog Food” System - Volume 1 - Chapter 28

Chapter 28

What Ye Tian lacked most was the practical experience. Although his strength was up to the Secret Strength level at this time, he had never really fought with any Ancient Martial Arts practitioner. There was such a big gap between the Superficial Strength and Secret Strength, but when added with the practical experience in fighting, he might not beat the rival. And this was why owner Chen was dangerous to Ye Tian when he first came in.

It was just that Ye Tian looked too young, and even if he beat Gao Peng with just one move, owner Chen would still inevitably think pretty lowly of him. Nevertheless, Ye Tian would definitely let go such a good opportunity. His right fist clenched, and his strength gathered like a tide in his whole body, and then he punched out immediately.

The punch stirred the air, and as the whistling sound slammed straight toward owner Chen with a speed which was actually a little faster than owner Chen.

Oh, shit!

After seeing Ye Tian's punch, owner Chen's face suddenly became gloomy. His body was still in the air, and he did not dare use his strength. With his body slightly twisted in the air, his calf rubbed against the top of Ye Tian's fist to aid in escaping the impact. Owner Chen finally struggled to stand on the ground.

Even if it was only a slight rub, the Secret Strength was also passed through, which made owner Chen's calf numb at once, and he looked at Ye Tian with amazement. With grinding teeth, he said, "The Secret-Strength Period!"

In modern society, the Ancient Martial Arts practitioners had almost extreme differentiation by comparison. With the help of technology and resources, as long as you had a background or method, getting into the Superficial-Strength Period was not a difficult thing. The families that held high official positions for generations or national forces could even carry out the cultivation of Ancient Martial Arts practitioners in small batches. . .

  However, the Secret-Strength Period was different, and could not be piled up by resources. Even in some old and well-known Ancient Martial Arts families, the Secret-Strength Period was still the main force. Like Ye Tian, who looked to be only twenty years old, the Ancient Martial Arts practitioners had gotten into the Secret-Strength Period. Although Ye Tian did not shock the whole world of Ancient Martial Arts, he was absolutely called an Ancient Martial Arts genius. Practitioners like him were definitely the focus of training in old and well-known Ancient Martial Arts families.

Such a person as Ye Tian, does he really have no special background?

Owner Chen did not know that Ye Tian was now a paper tiger. He could not help but doubt and hesitate.

Owner Chen's hesitation made Ye Tian more determined. He had made up his mind that he would never give owner Chen a chance to fight back. If Ye Tian's hard punch had not beaten owner Chen successfully, after Owner Chen fought back, he must put up a desperate fight if he wanted to win.

Thinking of this, Ye Tian used the Martial Art of Tai Chi to bring his own strength to the maximum, and he punched at the underbelly of owner Chen.

Facing the punch from an Ancient Martial Arts practitioner who had gotten into the Secret-Strength Period, owner Chen dared not take it. He hurriedly avoided the move and punched Ye Tian's arm.

It was originally a subconscious move of owner Chen. He had not actually thought of hitting Ye Tian. Unexpectedly, Ye Tian's reaction was far slower than he had imagined.


Owner Chen unexpectedly hit Ye Tian, and owner Chen could not help but freeze. Ye Tian quickly rushed back. Fortunately, owner Chen did not use all his strength to punch him and his skills were worse than Ye Tian, therefore Ye Tian was not injured.

The two men had fought several times.

Ye Tian was once again slammed in the chest by owner Chen owing to his lack of practical experience. The blood rushed to Ye Tian's throat, and he stepped back a few steps to calm down.

"Ha-ha, I thought that you are a talented successor of an old and well-known Ancient Martial Arts family. Now I see that you are just a paper tiger. You have the power of Secret Strength, but you don't have any practical experience at all. Great!"

The caution that owner Chen had earlier disappeared immediately. He began to get excited. He looked at Ye Tian like he was looking at a treasure map.

From the few times he had just fought, this person in front of him was totally an Ancient Martial Arts practitioner without any practical experience. For example, when Ye Tian's arm was smashed by his fist, Ye Tian subconsciously retreated. This was obviously a subconscious move of Ye Tian, as he was panicked. Ancient Martial Arts practitioners that had even a little practical experience would react like this, although the bastards in the street would not do this.

If he really was a successor of an old and well-known Ancient Martial Arts family, then he would have some practical experience. But if he was not, it was almost impossible for him to get into the Secret-Strength Period. Either he had a complete set of martial arts methods, or he had unknown adventures.

However, no matter what it was, as long as he defeated Ye Tian, ​​Ye Tian's things would all be his!

Thinking of this, owner Chen excitedly used Taizu Long-range Punch to fight against Ye Tian.

Nonetheless, he obviously understood it a little bit late. Although Ye Tian had no practical experience, he had a system of direct infusion of the Martial Art of Tai Chi! It maintained not only the style of movements but also the combination of practice and fight. Ye Tian, ​​who had never fought against anyone; he had the strength but couldn't think to use these movements for the first time. He only relied on the strength of the Secret-Strength Period to fight against opponents. Although the disciple of owner Chen was also an Ancient Martial Arts practitioner, his strength was too weak, and it was difficult for him to let Ye Tian detect this.

  However, Owner Chen was different. He could hurt Ye Tian by using his Superficial Strength only. The rich experience of the fights also threatened Ye Tian a lot. Nevertheless, Owner Chen was afraid of the strength of Ye Tian. He did not subdue Ye Tian in time.

Something just came into Ye Tian's mind.

He took his right foot forward and tilted his whole body backward. He used his left hand to draw a half arc in the air and easily got rid of the Taizu Long-range Punch from Owner Chen. He pushed forward with his right hand and the Secret Strength inside him broke out at once.

"The Ancient Martial Art Method of Tai Chi?" Owner Chen's face became gloomy slightly. He just thought that Ye Tian had only strength but no practical experience, which was a godsend opportunity for him. In the blink of an eye, Ye Tian had come up with a standard Hand Swing of Pi-pa.

Although there were not so many people who practiced the Ancient Martial Art Method of Tai Chi, it was more famous than the Taizu Long-range Punch.

Owner Chen did not dare take this move directly. He quickly bowed his body and struggled to escape the coming punch. At the same time, he recovered his right hand that was moved by Ye Tian and punched Ye Tian's arm. He obviously wanted to repeat the moves he had just used.

However, this time Ye Tian could not be hit as easily as earlier. His arm bent along the force the moment his arm was punched, which easily decreased most of the punching strength. He grabbed owner Chen's arm with his other hand.

The two fought many times. In the process, Ye Tian was getting more and more relaxed while owner Chen was almost swearing.

What kind of monster is this bastard? He is too scary! At first, he didn't understand anything. He just relied on the Secret Strength in his body to make him afraid. After only a few more moves, he seemed to understand everything. He does not repeat mistakes make he has already made once. As long as he has used a move once, he is able to use it again very expertly.

Did he pretend to be like this all the time?

"Wait, please. . . I think . . . there may be a misunderstanding between you and Young Master Lin. Can we stop and have a small talk about it?"

After all, owner Chen was only at the peak of the Superficial-Strength Period. He did not dare put up a desperate fight with Ye Tian. He just dared to continue fighting with Ye Tian because of his modest practical experience. Now he saw Ye Tian's high studying ability in martial arts and he was scared at once.

Nevertheless, this was just a reconciliation for owner Chen.

Ye Tian did not want to stop at all. He sneered and said, "Misunderstanding? Old jerk, why didn't you say that it is a misunderstanding when your disciple asked me to kneel down and apologize?"

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