Chapter 3


I let my childhood sweetheart show her beautiful back

Right when my body began to fall backward, I, out of instinct, pulled my hands back to cover my neck and the back of my head while at the same time curling myself up to protect myself from the fall.

The staircase to my room in the attic wasn't steep, so I was relieved that no serious harm would be caused with me in a buffer posture. That was what came to my mind when I fell from the staircase...

However the next moment...

"Gege, watch out!" Xin Ran shot up anxiously and reached out her hand trying to pull me back. And in that narrow space on the staircase, she fell too... 

"Xin Ran!" I hurried to open my harms to hold her...and without doubt, I fell on my back. Before I came back to myself from the heavy impact to my back there came the heavy strike to my chest.

Oh my...what a striking comparison between the pain in my back and the softness touching my chest.

"Sorry Gege, you okay?"

"Don't worry. I'm perfectly fine."

That was a lie. It seemed my waist was sprained but it didn't hurt much, so I'd better not say it. It was such bad luck to get hurt at the very day when I just got out of hospital. Besides, Xin Ran would feel guilty if I told her.

"Why is it so noisy..." asked my mom who just opened her door and walked out as she rubbed her sleepy eyes.

I looked up at her and answered, "Ah...Mom, I'm back."

"Em? Oh...Jun Cheng, you're back. Right, I'll go prepare some breakfast for you."

Mom must still be in her dreams...she just seemed completely unware of the situation.

As expected, she yelled as she scratched her head and walked by us after she finished yawning, her eyes wide open out of extreme surprise, "Jun Chen, why are you here? Did you sneak out from the hospital? Then again, what the hell are you two doing in that weird posture?"

"Um...I slipped from the stairs. By the way, Xin Ran, can you get up from me?"

"Ah! Sorry!" Now wasn't the right time for any frolic, so Xin Ran stood up immediately.

I tried with all my might to fight back the pain and put on an easy and composed face, "I didn't sneak out. My wounds are all healed so I was discharged from the hospital. Dad even got a certificate for discharge from the doctor."

“Is that so? But I remembered that you were seriously wounded?”

“Um hum! I just heal faster than others.”


A lame excuse like this wouldn’t be able to deceive my mom so easily, however, she was still in a half-awake state, so all I had to now do was just to get over the topic. Then, with mom’s personality, she would probably think like this, ‘Quick recovery is a bless. There’s no need to push on that,’ after she missed this very opportunity to get the fact out of me.

“Xin Ran, did you get hurt?”

“No, I’m alright,” replied Xin Ran with unconcealed worries in her eyes.

I couldn’t show any bit of pain, not now, not even the slightest movement of my brows.

So I bit the tip of my tongue to hold back the pain and forced a smile before I touched gently on her head, “That’s great you’re not injured, then I’ll go back to my room.”

“Wait, Jun Cheng, don’t you eat breakfast?”

“Mom, I already had it at hospital. Bon appetite, mom and Xin Ran.” With that, I picked my bag and walked back to my room, calm and composed. However, the moment I locked the door and threw my bag on the desk, I threw myself to the bed, on stomach, and covered my head with a pillow, groaning soundlessly.

Ah!!!!! It hurt!!!


should touch my sister’s feet that recklessly! How very embarrassing! I deserved the pain!

Ouch! It really hurt. I just got out of hospital, and now what the hell…

“Ah…” I couldn’t help but groan in pain. The sprain seemed a bit serious.

“Lord Jun Cheng, you okay?”

“What?!” The sudden voice of someone else frightened the wits out of me. I threw the pillow away and tried to turn my head but failed due to the sprain in my waist.

There came a sign. Then Yu Hui, who just appeared in my room out of nowhere, helped me to the bed and said, “You’d better not move now.” She then picked up the pillow and stuffed it under my stomach, which made feel much better.

After the pain subsided a bit, I turned my head back and asked Yu Hui standing by the bed, “How did you get in?”

“I followed right behind you. You didn’t see me because I used the Invisible Spell. I took off my shoes at the door, so don’t worry about me staining the floor.”

That didn’t really matter. The thing was, that was how you always followed me? The Invisible Spell? You really looked like a stalker maniac, you knew that?

“But you just refused to get in…”

“I just didn’t want to be treated like a guest. And if I just agreed to come in, I would sure be questioned by Lord Sister of yours. That way I wouldn’t be able to stay by your side. I just want to be by your side and offer help when you’re in trouble. I just didn’t expect it to come so soon…”

“Er…I see.” So that meant you saw everything I did to those feet of my little sister.

That was embarrassing, indeed.

That was close and frightening. I didn’t mean I falling from the stairs but that my hand nearly went to my sister’s waist.

What the hell was I thinking? To take off my sister’s stockings? Was I insane?

If mom didn’t open the door at that critical moment, my hand would probably find its way to Xin Ran’s thigh, then up to her skirt and take off her stockings!

I had been so firm in stopping Xin Ran from any over-intimate physical contact with me, but…I just touched her feet myself! Was I bewitched?

Come to think of it, mom got up in such a good time.

“Lord Jun Cheng,” Yu Hui’s voice pulled me back to reality as I was lost in my thoughts.

I turned my head, only to find her sitting on heels with her hands on her thighs, her waist so straight and her face toward me.

Seeing that I was looking at her, she put her hands down on the ground and kowtowed as she apologized, “I’m deeply sorry that I shall be blamed for your injury.”

“What? It was I myself accidentally fell out of shock…what does it have anything to do with you?”

“It was me who waked Lord Mother up…that’s why you were frightened. It’s all my fault.”

“…” Oh…I see…

Yu Hui called mother up…no wonder she came out at such a subtle time.

Was this Yu Hui’s special way of reminding me that I shouldn’t be doing something inappropriate like that?

If so, then I couldn’t even blame her; instead, I should thank her.

“Not a big deal. Now get up. If it weren’t you who waked mom up, then I would have probably…anyway, thanks.”

I would have made a big mistake! Now I wasn’t sure if could really control my inner desire.

My sense seemed to be getting increasingly weaker in the struggles against desire.

“Lord Jun Cheng, I’ve got some ointment with me. If you don’t mind, I can help to apply some to your waist, which should be able to heal your sprain soon with the aid of genuine qi.”

“Okay, thanks for the bother.”

I just couldn’t wait to get a quick recovery.

And it was such a pleasure to have such a beauty apply the ointment.

Damn! Why was I having that sort of lecherous thought again? Was it because the enchanting magic formation in my head grew stronger?

“Then forgive me for being rude.”

Yu Hui stood up and came to the bed with an egg-sized bottle which just appeared out of nowhere just like she did.

Then she lifted my clothes from the back.

I saw from the corner of my eyes that her ears turned red out of shyness and in the silent room even her racing heart could be heard.

Why so nervous?

As I was lost in my thought, I felt something cold from my back. The ointment she just applied to my waist with her fingertips chilled me into a shiver.

“Please let me know if you feel any discomfort.”

“Nothing serious. It’s just your hand is a bit cold.”

“It’ll warm up soon.”

With that, she put her whole palm onto my waist and massaged as if she was kneading some dough, and like she said, gradually her hand became warmer.

Hand of the Sun in legend?

Perhaps I could teach her how to make bread. I bet it would taste great with her amazing hand skill.

I had to say that Yu Hui was so gentle, and I just felt even more comfortable than a paid massage.

The ointment worked wonders. I had thought that I should kept lying on my stomach for quite a long time before the ointment did its job. However, the pain was already alleviated in half before Yu Hui finished.

I had a feeling that I could just get up and run.

“Your ointment works great.”

“Yes, it’s an ancient prescription that can not only cure internal injuries but also remove scares. And I got the prescription from you.”


“Nothing important. Just forget it.”

“Um?? When? Previous life?” I scratched my head and asked even though I didn’t really believe it. “Then I must be a doctor or pharmacist in previous life.”

The hands on my waist paused for quite a while upon my words before they continued the massage again, only harder this time.

“You believe me?”

“Rather, the common sense told me that the theory of previous life is way too ridiculous; however, the sentimental part of me said that ‘Yu Hui never tells lies.’ So yes, I believe you.”

“Thank you.”

“Told you not to thank me.”

In fact, I should really thank her.

After a while, Yu Hui’s hands got off my back and pulled my clothes down before she said, “Done! You won’t feel any pain as long as you don’t get hurt again in the following two days.”

“Thanks for the great help.” I didn’t feel any pain now. so I could still find a part time job as I had planned.

I got up and asked, “Have you applied the ointment yourself?”

“HA? I myself?” Yu Hui tilted her head and asked, looking quite confused.

Emm…clearly, she hadn’t applied for herself.

“You just said that the ointment can also remove scars. Is the scar on your back still there?” I explained while pointing at her back.

Yu Hui immediately got it and replied, “Oh…I’ve applied it already.”

Wow! What a lame liar you were, just like me!

“Yes, I have tried it.”

“Then show me.”

“?? But…”

“You don’t listen to me now. You’re lying if you don’t wanna show me.”

“I see, my lord.”

Good that you got it. I should just go ask Xin Ran to help her.

Hey, wait, why did you close your eyes? And what were all the struggles about?

Yu Hui took off her coat while I was still confused.

She wore a long-sleeved knitwear of white, looking elegant and pure.

Why did you take off your coat?


She didn’t stop after that and, with hands gripping the lower hem of her top, she pulled off her knitwear too!

The milky white underwear made her skin look even fairer and delicate.

Then she turned around and flipped her hair to the front, leaving her whole back to me.

The scar on her back wasn’t a bit ugly looking. Perhaps it was because of Xue Qing’s saliva, her wound healed quite well without much scar left.

The only remaining scar was so thin that it looked like a thread clinging to her back, which somehow added a sense of special beauty.

I was enchanted by what I saw, my eyes glued to her bare back while my thoughts running wild.

Then I heard her saying, “Could you…please unbuckle my underwear?”

Bewitched as if in a sleepwalk, I reached out my hand and unbuckled her underwear.

There, right in front of my eyes, was her beautiful and enchanting back.

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