Chapter 4


She Said I Was Mentally Ill

That was so fascinating.

The first thing that caught my attention was those two thin and symmetric shoulder blades on her back, appearing visibly under her skin.

Those beautiful butterfly shaped bones made me want to touch.

If Yu Hui wore that kind of tight clothes which could show her curvy back on the street, the person who was attracted by her pretty face must also be impressed by her gorgeous back.

However, there was a scar on that beautiful back.

That huge oblique scar divided her back into two parts.

Having put my left hand on Yu Hui's shoulder, I scrubbed the top end of the scar while asking,

"Does it still hurt?"

"Not anymore."

"Really?" Even I still had the phantom limb pain... The phantom limb pain referred to the ongoing painful sensations that seemed to be coming from the part of the limb that was no longer there.

I stared at my left hand which was on Yu Hui's back right now. It was in perfect condition with my little finger linked to my palm...Or it seemed like this, so to speak.

It was not my delusion. My little finger was real. I could feel its existence when I used my right hand to touch my left hand. And I could get the same sense of touch like before.

But actually, I had already lost my little finger.

I couldn't feel this finger and it couldn't sent the smooth sense of touch of Yu Hui's back to my brain.

I couldn't bend or unbend it. When I clenched a fist with my left hand, my little finger would droop there abruptly.

I heard that Miss Shirley had helped me to connect this finger to my palm. Before she told the servant to carry me to the hospital, she had already operated on me by herself.

Miss Shirley claimed that it was just an ordinary artificial limb. And she had only done this for me because she happened to have the material...However, I really couldn't believe that was just an artificial finger.

Because it just seemed so 'real', like the original one.

Even though I had asked Miss Shirley about it, she only laughed without words. So I could only take it as another magic skill of this perfect servant.

Lian Bing was not so happy about this. She had complained that it was not my original finger at all. Also, she had kept asking Xue Qing to give my little finger back. Nonetheless, this fake one which looked perfectly normal was good enough for me.

Because my family wouldn't know about my finger being chopped then.

The only people who knew about this were Lian Bing and Xue Qing along with the servants who had helped to carry me. Even the people in the hospital didn't know that I had lost a finger.

"It doesn't hurt...In fact, I feel happy to be able to block the knife for Lord Jun Cheng..." Yu Hui said that. Although she kept saying this, I still felt it was unlikely that she didn't mind such a scar.

"Give me the ointment, I'll apply some on you." Though Xue Qing's saliva could help her heal fast, there would still be a scar left on her.

Actually, my body was also covered with scars now.

For a man, those scars could make me look even more charming. But the situation was quite different for a woman. So it would be best if her scars could be removed.

"Thanks for your concern. But I am not so bothered about this actually. I'm so honored that I could leave a scar on my body for Lord Jun Cheng." She flattered me again. I was so tired and proud of that.

"Ah, come on...consider that it's me who want to erase your scar, all right. It's still an unnecessary thing to see or touch..." Wait, what was I talking about!

"...All right, as you wish." She suddenly looked so shy...Then I took over the li

ttle ointment bottle from Yu Hui. Having poured a bit of it on my palm, I paid my attention to her back again.

I stared at her back from her snow-white neck along the curve of the back to the bottom, confirming the length of the scar. However, little did I know that I would find something more precious at the back of her waist.

There were two diamond shaped hollows at the back of her waist.

Wasn't that what they called 'back dimple'? Only the girl who had a well-proportioned figure would have the back dimples, which were the symbol of the ideal shape.

I had seen this body part on the swimsuit models on the fashion show on television by accident. Then I googled it and acknowledged that it seemed to be a very rare body feature. Only 3% females could have the back dimples.

Those two back dimples made her back look even more gorgeous... Well, maybe those dimples were like two 'eyes' on her back... 'Come on, now is not the time to enjoy the sight of her back. Just apply the medicine, all right?' I reminded myself.

Having dipped the ointment with the thumb of my left hand, I started to moved my thumb up and down along that shallow scar over and over again. After a few times, "Hmm..." Yu Hui couldn't help but make an erogenous sound.

I was obsessed with this too. When my finger reached the bottom of her back once again, I finally couldn't help pressing my hand on the left back dimple. After that, I used my right hand to touch another one.

After I had held her back from her behind, I started to rubbed her back with my thumb and used my palm to massage her. The smooth and delicate sense of touch coming from my finger and my palm made me unwilling to let it go.

It was not like the feeling of touching Xin Ran's leg through the stockings. I could feel that tender and smooth bare skin of Yu Hui right now. No wonder all those playboys liked holding the beauties' waists. The feeling of touching a woman's waist really was the best.

What's more, it was so convenient for my hand to move to the front to touch her belly and her boobs, move up to touch her back or move down to touch her butt. That was just a perfect starting point... Come on!

Why would I be so familiar with this kind of things!

I had already felt strange last time when I had kissed Xue Qing. It seemed that I knew about women's body too well... Ahhh?

I was still a virgin. So was it because of Xin Ran again?

I didn't think so. She was not able to influence me that much. What kind of people would touch other people when they were sleeping...That was just too strange!

With all the mess in my mind, I pressed harder on Yu Hui's back unconsciously.

"Hmm...Eh..." Yuhui groaned, with her upper body leaning forward.

I thought something was wrong. Then I held her wrist to prevent her from falling over while asking, "What's wrong? You feel uncomfortable?"

"I'm fine. It's just that my waist is my sensitive spot. I felt itchy when you touched it..."

"Ah, I know, I would also burst into laughter when I got pricked by the waist. Sorry, it's just you have such a beautiful back. I couldn't help touching it... Sorry."

"That's all right. As long as you like it... But our posture now is..."

"Posture? Oh!" After hearing Yuhui mincing those words, I finally realized what was happening right now.

I had held her hand in order not to let her fall. As a result, her whole lower body had been pulled to me.

Now her butt happened to lean on my legs, which formed an awkward body position... Wasn't this the doggie style?

'What the hell is happening now!' I thought.

I took a few steps back until I bumped into something with my heel. Then I fell right onto the chair.

Yu Hui turned around slowly.

At this moment, I saw her flat midriff and faintly visible boobs.

Now the redness on her face even extended to her body. I could hear her loud heartbeat and rapid breath. With her eye sockets covered with tears, she looked at me softly and said,

"If Lord Jun Cheng wants this, I am willing to..."

"Willing, willing to do what?"

I asked her back reflexively. But as a matter of fact, I knew exactly what she meant.

Yu Hui took her arms from the bra straps. Then her boobs were completely exposed in front of me as the milk-white bra fell on the ground. After that, she, having walked toward me, straddled on my legs with her soft arms put on my shoulders. She held my head tenderly, murmuring those words by my ears, "Please do anything you want to my body..."

'Wait, don't say anything like this at this moment!'

I didn't know why but I was really easy to be tempted today... If Yu Hui lured me right now, I really didn't know if I could restrain myself anymore... Wait, my right hand! Stop right there!

Don't reach out!!!

"Buzz, buzz, buzz." My phone vibrated just in time while I forced my hands which had already reached out to Yu Hui's back to my trouser pocket.

"Oh! I got a call! I need to answer this"

I seized this chance to get up immediately. After I had held Yu Hui up and put her on the bed, I turned around and took out my phone from my pocket, pressing the answering button without looking at who was calling me.

I didn't care who was calling, as long as this person could break this erotic aura!

"Wait wait wait! Don't you dare to continue!" I knew who that was the moment I heard her voice... "Although I enjoyed seeing you teasing another woman. You know I got so fascinated that I couldn't help touching my... No! I mean, you cannot continue! I will not let your virginity be taken by a woman like that!" What did she mean by taking my virginity? The situation right now was more like other way round.

As if my virginity was a precious thing.

Although I was cool about that, I knew that lots of men still thought that reserving their virginity was something really shameful.

Wait, the more important thing was Lan Hua had just described what had happened in the room, which meant... Then I picked up the bra on the ground to give it back to Yu Hui while asking, "Lan Hua... Where are you peeping at me again...?" I almost forgot that my room was still under the surveillance of Lan Hua... Thus, if I had gone on with what I had wanted to do just now, Lan Hua would have seen the live scene of me having sex?

That would be so embarrassing!

"That despicable woman. She has learned that exposing body thing from me! She looked so reliable so I have let her stay by your side. So what now? I have opened the door for this dangerous woman? Junior classmate Bai, I was so wrong about you! You did nothing I have told you!" Lan Hua started to scream.

"What are you talking about? Yu Hui is just…"

"Whatever, just stop! I'm watching you! Jun Chen, you can fondle her body with your hand, but not your private part!!!"

So noisy.

Lanhua's voice was so loud.

Even Yuhui who was beside me was able to hear that... It was so rude for Lan Hua to say that... "What do you mean by playing with her body... What kind of person do you think I am...A scumbag?"


Thinking of what I had done until now, I was actually a bit like a scumbag... Damn it! No bloody way! I became a scumbag before I even knew about that?

As I was in astonishment, Yu Hui came over and bowed to me with her hands reached out, saying,

"Lord Jun Cheng, can you lend me your phone? I need to talk to her."

"Wait, you should wear your bra first..."

"It's not necessary. I'll have to take it off again afterwards. Anyway, it's an honor to be watched by Lord Jun Cheng."

Wait, what did she mean by saying she would have to take it off again?! Couldn't she be more specific?

Nevertheless, I still handed my phone over to Yu Hui.

After taking over the phone, Yu Hui turned on the speaker to let me hear their conversation.

Then I heard a vicious voice coming from the phone right away.

"What do you want to say to me, bitch? You want to take off your clothes again?! Shame on you! Get the hell out of Jun Cheng's room!" Aw... That was so scary... Oh my goodness. It was like Yu Hui and I were caught cheating by her. What was wrong with Lan Hua... Even I couldn't be able to control my anger after hearing those irritating words, Yu Hui, however, remained calm. She then replied Lan Hua with ease,

"What happened just now is merely a test."



Lan Hua and I asked at the same time. Because what Yu Hui had just said was so wired.

A test? Was she trying to say that all those seductive moves were just a test?

Come on!

"If you really have kept an eye on Lord Jun Cheng, you should know what I mean. He started to act strange a few days ago."

"Hmm... I did have notice that. Jun Cheng always shows a lustful look these days. His skinship with other women also became more and more frequently. I am so envious about... Shit, no, I mean, isn't that normal? After all, he is a man. That's what a man will do. It's written in the Book of Songs that men's desire for beautiful women is part of our evolution. So it's reasonable that Jun Cheng wants to touch other women. I'm a very tolerant woman. As long as he doesn't have sex with other women, he's allowed to fool around with them. I'm afraid that he will get bored of me when the only woman he has to face every day is me. So..." Lan Hua started to babble. But what was she talking about.

"Stupid!" Yu Hui snorted coldly.

"You still cannot see what the problem is even though you have paid close attention to Lord Jun Cheng. Looks like you're not that much into Lord Jun Cheng."

"What did you just say? I'm the woman who knows Jun Cheng the best in this world! How can you speak of me like this..." Being not convinced, Lan Hua tried to refute Yu Hui. However, Yu Hui just ignored her completely.

"I've said what I have to say and I don't want to waste my breath with you. Just stay there and watch tamely." After saying this, Yu Hui hanged up the phone decisively.

Then she gave my phone back to me and called my name with her eyes looking right into mine.

"Lord Jun Cheng."

"Yes. Yes?" Suddenly I felt myself under lot of pressure from her. All the alluring aura in this room just now disappeared right away, leaving us in a serious scene.

This made me feel obliged to straighten my back and looked up to Yu Hui...boss Yu Hui, with my chin up and my chest out.

"What do you need!"

"According to my observation these days and the touch test we did just now..." Yu Hui uttered those words in a serious tone as if she was a doctor who had to inform the patient his disease, which was likely to be terminal one.

"I think you are mentally ill."



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