Chapter 5


She Said I Was a Scumbag in My Previous Life

I was super doubtful about her saying me having the mental illness.

When I had realized that I could see those titles above people’s head, I also had wondered if I was mentally ill. However, after all the things I had been through, I had confirmed that all the titles I had seen were true. Then I knew that it was not my brain that had a problem, it was this world.

Now I was told that there was something wrong with my brain again by Yu Hui... So was it possible that I really had that problem?

Yu Hui wouldn’t make fun of me like this. And the serious look on her face showed that she meant what she had said.

I always thought that I was a normal person. But in fact, I was wrong the whole time?

“You mean... I got a mental disease?” I asked her blankly, pointing at my nose.

“No. It’s not a disease. I think there were some other factors that have caused the instability of your mental state. Lately you have ‘unconsciously’ made some actions that you would never make in the ordinary times... I believe you have also sensed this.” 

“Eh...” She was right. It was the truth. Now come to think about it, everything she said was actually happening right now... What’s more, what Lan Hua had just said also revealed my abnormal behaviors.

She had said that I had always showed a lustful look and the skinship I had with other women had become more and more frequent.

For example, I had stared at Lian Bing’s boobs or the first thing I had wanted to do when I saw my sister’s black stockings was touching her. What’s more, I had touched Yu Hui’s back or... Now I couldn’t move my eyes away from Yu Hui’s boobs.

Yu Hui, you could at least cover them!

Eh-hem, however, I was not sure if those actions could prove that I was mentally ill.

“Wait, you said that I was mentally ill, but how could I never feel that myself! It’s true that I have been a bit lascivious lately, but it’s just because... Well... it’s the normal reaction, right? Like what Lan Hua has said, that’s what a man will do... I know it’s shameful for me to say that, but it’s probable that I was just, well, hmm, being attracted by your beautiful body...” Hearing those words that came out of my mouth, I really wanted to slap myself on the face... I was talking shit!

My words made Yu Hui blush. Then she coughed and said with a severe countenance.

“Lord Jun Cheng, you have a stronger mental strength than ordinary people. I remember that you have been able to suppress that ghost’s power on the Black Street by simply calling its name.”

“Eh? Yeah, due to certain cause, I do have a stronger mental strength than ordinary people.” But what did that have to do with my mental state?

“Then, your will power should also be stronger, right?” Hearing her words, I finally found the contradictions about myself.

She was right!

If my mental strength had got stronger, then my ability of control my desire should also be stronger. But now the fact was my will power had actually got weaker.

I would never touch any woman on my own initiative before! Especially Xinran! Those were my sister’s legs, for God’s sake!

‘That’s so absurd! I’m not that kind of the sick brother!’ I screamed in my heart.

“I see...!” I was enlightened by her all of a sudden and felt that something sticky was separated from my brain. Now I understood why Yu Hui had said that I was mentally ill... I did have acted weirdly these days.

Shit, and I hadn’t found that until now... I held my forehead with my right hand while recalling what I had done. Now I only

felt scared of myself. ‘What have I done to them!’ I thought.

I could forgive myself for peeping at Lian Bing’s boobs. After all, she was my girlfriend and it was not that inappropriate to look at her body.

However! How could I touch my sister!

And I had used applying ointment for Yu Hui as an excuse to take advantage of her?

Damn it. What was wrong with my brain?!

Now it seemed that there really was something wrong with my brain.

Luckily the one that I had harassed was Yu Hui. She was gentle and respected me a lot. Also, she wouldn’t resist if I touched her. 

But what if I had something to Lian Bing?!

What if I had done something to Xue Qing in front of Lian Bing?!

Aw... That was so scary! I didn’t even want to think about it!

“Lord Jun Cheng, you must have also realized this now. The stronger your mental strength get, the weaker your will power becomes. That’s just so strange. However, if it is simply because you have become more lustful than before, I have to say that I was wrong about you.”

“No... You are right, I do feel a bit strange...” The most horrible part was that before I was reminded by her, I had always thought that my acts were completely reasonable... which meant that I had already taken all those sexual harassment for granted in my subconsciousness.

“That’s because you haven’t totally lost your mind.”

“What? What does that mean?”

“Well... It’s just...” Suddenly, Yu Hui blushed again. She looked away with her right hand holding her left arm, saying, “I have sat on your legs just now... and seduced you... you were still able to control yourself... If you have really lost your mind, you would go on with that and make love with me no matter what have happened...”

“No, wait. Although I already knew what your answer would be... I still have to ask. Was that really just a test?” 


“But, your face turned red...” 

“That’s because it’s too hot in the room.” 

“What about your ears turning red?” 

“That was because of the test! Please behave yourself!” Clearly Yu Hui got into a flap. Even her tone became stronger while her shoulders trembled lightly. I didn’t know whether she was irritated by me or just being flustered.

“Even if it was just a test, taking off your clothes abruptly was too... Also, why are you still naked right now...” 

“Lord Jun Cheng, you...!” 

“Ah, sorry, sorry, sorry, it’s my fault. I’ll shut my mouth, OK?” I was afraid that Yu Hui would cry if I went on speaking.

“The reason why I don’t put my clothes on is because I need to analyze what have happened to your mind.” 

“You know what have happened to me?!” 

“Not really. There are lots of possibilities. I’m not sure which one of them has influenced you. So we need to take the second text now.”

“Hah? How do you plan to take the test? Wait, you just said that you didn’t put your clothes on because...”

What kind of test would need her to take off her clothes?

Then, Yu Hui cleared my doubt with her actions.

Having held my hand, she pressed my hand right onto her chest!

Clearly, she didn’t intend to let me feel her heartbeat, because she directly put my hand on her left boob!

What the hell was that!

“What!” While I could still control myself, I wanted to pull out my hand right away. However, Yu Hui pressed my hand toughly, not letting my hand go.

Wow! With nothing in between, now I could feel of her boob thoroughly!

Though I knew it was not appropriate, I still couldn’t help kneading her breast. It felt so good. My brain was about to explode. Then that sticky thing just came back to my brain, which made me think dully. My mind got messed up and finally I stopped thinking... 

“Lord Jun Cheng, now I’ll ask you a few questions. You only need to answer me with your instinct.” “Yes. Yes?” Was I really able to answer the questions in a state like this? 

“Hmm... Are you familiar with... the feeling you have right now? And your fingers are moving spontaneously?”

“... Eh... Yes...” I felt myself very familiar with women’s body. Sometimes even too familiar...this feeling was just...” 

“Do you... want to have me right now? You wanna push me to the bed and tease my body crazily?”

‘Isn’t that obvious... I already have an erection. You tell me if I want you or not.’ I thought.


“Even if... You have to betray your girlfriend?” Hmm... Lian Bing…

Yeah, I already had a girlfriend, how could I do this kind of thing to another woman. What’s more, that was Yu Hui, the woman who had saved my life, my old pal, my childhood sweetheart... But, she was still a woman.

A deadly pretty woman, who had a lovely figure.

Moreover, she was the one who had taken the initiative to seduce me. I believed that sexual implication was obvious enough... Thus it was reasonable for me to want to do those things to her... I really didn’t want to answer any questions, nor to think.

I reached out another hand of mine while approaching my face to Yu Hui’s cheek, planning to kiss her red lips.

Her lips must be so tasty... “Buzz-buzz.” My phone vibrated again. However, I tended to ignore it this time.

Nobody could disturb me right now.

I wanted to ‘eat’ the woman in front of me. I wanted her to be mine and took possession of everything she had. I hoped that she couldn’t live without me... Meanwhile, she closed her eyes as if she were responding my action. With her head raised up, she was waiting for my petting. 

“That’s right. Good girl. Little kitten, ha... Let me have your body, I’ll let you enjoy...” However, my girl didn’t kiss my lips. Instead, she rubbed my cheek with her lips and kissed my earlobe while saying by my ears,

“Wisdom bright and clean, mind calm and steady, now.” Yu Hui’s voice sounded in my brain.

I felt a buzz in the deep of my mind. Then I stopped thinking right away.

Like a disk being formatted, my brain was empty at once.

“Eh...!” I pressed my forehead miserably, groaning on the ground for a long while.

“Wheeze! Wheeze, wheeze, wheeze...” I breathed heavily, with cold sweat drenching my back.

After a short while, I rubbed my temples, forcing myself to brace myself up.

“It’s the worst condition.” With her face remaining red, Yu Hui said that while putting on her bra by the side of the bed.

“What...?” I held my head and sat on the floor, looking at her in perplexity.

“The problem you have with your mind is not caused by a single factor. In fact, I believe that you are suffering from the mutual effect of several influences.” Now I finally recovered a bit and realized that there had to be something wrong about me just now.

I pounded my head while asking her, ignoring the sense of piercing pain.

“Not a single one? Then how many... which kinds of influences?” 

Yu Hui, having put on her clothes quickly, sat in front of me and said, “First of all, I deducted that you must have been influenced by your memories of your previous life. You were a talented and romantic genius in your previous life... Well, so to speak, you are a Mack Daddy who attracted tons of women. I’ll put it in a more understandable way for you, you were like the male character in the harem comics who gets all the women crazy for him.” 


Hearing Yu Hui’s words, I patted my face with my eyes wild open and spoke doubtfully, “I, I was a playboy in my previous life?!” 


‘Eh... Don’t answer me so quickly...’ 

“You have intimate relationships with multiple women. In short, you flirted and had sex with all of them. I should call you a jerk to the women... Ah, sorry. I had a slip of tongue. I meant a genius.” Hey, I already heard that!

Flirting and having sex with all of them. That was awesome. I mean, so evil!

A decent man like me was a scumbag who fooled around with women in my previous life?!

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