Chapter 140


Gettan movement has become far faster incomparable from before.
When he thought that the snow is blowing up, before he knows it Gettan is already in front of John Smith.
Gettan came at him with a cry.
John Smith’s finger moved and the steel wires cut through the sky.
Naginata and wires clashed, the one who was pushed back was John Smith.
A few steel wires dropped from John Smith’s finger.
Gettan didn’t stop.
Like a beast He keep pursuing the retreating John Smith.
That naginata once again cut off John Smith’s wire.
Gettan’s naginata is sweeping and John Smith’s steel wires dances.
The two’s clash continued for a while, and finally John Smith lost all of his wire.
To him who has lost his weapon, Gettan approaching him with a smile of madness on his face.
However, John Smith just let out a sigh and stopped moving.
[After all, it’s just a wire huh…….]
He whispers so boringly and look at the approaching Gettan.
The two once again clashed.
Responding to Gettan’s heavy slash, John Smith took a side-step and dodged the attack.
The naginata slide along his cheek and his black air is flutter in the air.
His evasion was done with minimal movement.
The step he took was the shortest and fastest move to dodge the attack.
It was a move that at the same time he avoided the attack he’s also advancing, an ideal move.
In other words, it’s an art of war.
The moment Gettan opened his eyes wide in surprised, John Smith’s elbow already made its way to Gettan’s Jaw.
John Smith mercilessly continue his assault on the staggered Gettan.
John Smith’s fist penetrates Gettan’s stomach His body bent in the shape of く, what follow was a knee strike to Gettan’s upper body.
John Smith’s continuous strikes didn’t stop there.
Using his fist, elbow and knee to attacks, each time Gettan’s body received those attack it is being unbelievably flown away.
The strongest weapon is your own body, John Smith embodied that statement.
Gettan too, also tries to retreat desperately and escape the storm like attacks.
Due to the tablet’s effect his body recovers once the damage has been done to his body. He is waiting for the storm to stop and retreat to the safe area——.
But John Smith did not stop.
The step he took sealed Gettan’s escape, the blow he unleashed rendered Gettan’s leg powerless.
In that instant of offense and defense, everything was already calculated.
Doing so, John Smith continued his one-sided assault.
In such a close range inside his Maai, no matter how the prey moves, it will never escape that Maai.
He keep assaulting his prey like he is doing a routine work.
[Gah….Aha….Gu, Guo,, Geho.]
Gettan’s bone was smashed, his fangs and internal organs destroyed, but it soon recovers.
That scene is already like an endless torture.
Red blood splattered on the white snow carpet and made a stain.
And little by little the strength and speed of John Smith’s fist are rising.
It was as if he was testing how much Gettan could endure.
[Say it, you have something you wanted to say right……]
While continuing to punch Gettan, John Smith spoke.
Finally, he has reached his limit.
Gettan’s recovery has stopped.
Seeing that, John Smith spread his Maai for half a step——– and used his right leg to kick Gettan with all his strength.
Gettan received the kick with the side of his body, He rolled down violently on the snow.
[I hate kicking, it destroy my balance.]
John Smith said so boringly.
He slowly walks over to Gettan and stomped down on him who was trying to get up.
Gettan raised his head and looks up at John Smith.
John Smith knock his face down with a fist.
[—-Say it.]
He punched him again.
[—–The thing you want to say.]
[……….You are, truly strong.]
Gettan stare at John Smith with a face filled with various emotions.
Anger, Hate, Envy and Regret……..
[If I was as strong as you, maybe something might have change……. I was weak…….]
The complex emotions made his voice heavy.
[I have been running away from my weakness, the result is as you can see…….. I wonder what I was doing. The thing I want to protect was not this kind prid, I…..I couldn’t accept my own weakness.]
Then Gettan laughed.
[You’re strong…….you didn’t fought for yourself and was able to fight for the thing you loved, ………. If it’s you….I can entrust…….]
Gettan’s voice is already losing its strength. He used his trembling finger and pointed at Yukime.
[Yuki(snow)……I entrusted to you……..]
John Smith grabbed that trembling finger.
[Your feeling, I have certainly received it.]
Then, Gettan’s breath stopped.
Yukime buried her face in John Smith’s face. The tears stained his suit.
[I …….I…..]
[It’s over. The hatred is certainly there but you understood each other in the end……]
Saying so, He pat Yukime’s back with a hand filled with magic power.
[I healed your scar, let’s look forward to the future.]
He said with a small voice.
[He said that he buried it under the snow over there right…………..]

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