Chapter 44.2

Chapter 44b: Looking for Bones in an Egg (Nitpicking)


“Also this dish.” After she finished speaking, she pointed at the Pearl Honeyed Fruit dish at another table. 

“The colorful appearance of this dessert is not bad. Snow white lychee, bright red watermelon, orange yellow peach, arranging them together does indeed warms the heart and delights the eyes. However, the chef is not a doctor and doesn’t understand that lychee is a yang fruit and its nature is heat inducing, not a good pair at all for the cold natured watermelon. As for this peach, the medical manuals say that eating a large amount causes bloating and even gives birth to skin sores, doing more harm than good. It’s even worse for pregnant women. Therefore, even this small dessert plate is not suitable for every customer at all.”

With a faint long sigh, Luo Qing Luan lay down her chopsticks appearing not to be interested in eating any longer. 

Listening to what she said caused Nangong Qing to both blush with embarrassment and exclaim in admiration. Blush with embarrassment, because his status was so high, yet was incapable of satisfying his guest. Not only was the food not good, a young girl was able to point out so many faults, really hurtful to a crown prince’s prestige. 

As for admiration……

Nangong Qing had never seen anyone who was capable of paying such careful attention to fine foods. Every single step in its preparation, every single pros and cons was detailed and penetrating. She simply could not be compared to an ordinary person. Previously, when he heard Luo Qing Luan complain that Moon Encounter Pavilion’s food was not tasty, he even thought that she was somewhat picky. He didn’t expect that she would be so proficient regarding fine foods! 

As someone who already tasted culinary delicacies, she’d naturally be picky when asked to eat those common foods. Sampling and eating one’s fill was not the same thing. He invited her for a meal, so of course he hoped that she’d be satisfied. He wanted to find the best place and the best gourmet foods, but Luo Qing Luan obviously didn’t have a high opinion of this place. Perhaps even those foods that he usually eat from the imperial kitchen would be merely trash, that’s all.

Such a spirited, graceful, virtuous, and beautiful woman was truly rarely encountered!

He originally only thought that her personality was not bad forthright and magnanimous, not the least bit pretentious. This was what aroused his interest. Who would have thought, when he saw her the second time playing the zither, he took her to be a celestial being before discovering that Luo Qing Luan’s every movement was gentle and proper, as quick as a fleeting hare, while also as quiet as a maiden, simply making him falling in love at second glance.

Yet when he interacted with her alone, he discovered that he had still known her only superficially. He had not discovered much of her goodness, her beauty. Luo Qing Luan was like a cup of tea whose fragrance rose in spirals. The first sip was fragrant and sweet. The second sip was a taste to ponder on extensively. The third sip lingered with even more inexhaustible flavor, to the extent that it was difficult to give up on, difficult to relinquish, making him gaze upon it as a treasure.

Such a rare and precious woman, how could he not like her, how could his heart not be moved?

“Miss Luo is indeed knowledgeable. Hearing what you say today truly expanded my horizons.” Nangong Qing tried to control his heartbeat and continued in a rather awkward manner. “I have never seen anyone as knowledgeable as Miss Luo, yet not arrogant, not hot-tempered, nor fond of inflated reputations. Today I rashly invited Miss Luo to lunch. It seems that I’ve really been rude.&rdqu


Slowly standing up, Luo Qing Luan brushed her clothes before responding. “Your Highness don’t need to blame yourself. I was just picky, that’s all. Today, I’ve already tarried for such a long time, I’m afraid that Father and Father’s Concubine are getting worried. I’d better take my leave.”


He was originally going to chat a bit more with her, but Nangong Qing was also worried that Luo Qing Luan might speak about something he didn’t know, such that he had no way of answering. Thinking it over, he decided to forget it. Today had been quite humiliating already. How could he still find an excuse to interact more with her?

Without any other option, Nangong Qing could only send Luo Qing Luan downstairs and had someone fetch a horse carriage to send her home.

Once she returned to her own room, Luo Qing Luan finally returned to normal.

“Oh my god, so tiring. Pretending to be a virtuous lady is really restrictive, so painful.” A moment ago, she couldn’t even speak loudly. Even though she was already getting very impatient, she still wanted to pretend to be gentle and submissive, racking her brains to say those picky things. If she didn’t deliberately pretend to be dainty and particular, maybe Nangong Qing would even think that she was really finding faults to complain about, looking down upon his status as a crown prince. If by chance this incurred his wrath and he deliberately looked for trouble with her like that third princess, then it’d be disastrous. 

It’s not that she’s afraid. She just didn’t have the time to deal with these boring people.

If Nangong Qing knew that Luo Qing Luan thought of him as a boring person, he probably wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry. To think that as a majestic crown prince, which female in the capital didn’t hope to me married to him? Yet he surprisingly had been disregarded by someone.

Apparently, Wang Xue Ru had also been scared stiff by what Luo Qing Luan did at the imperial palace today and didn’t come to make trouble for her. She just rested in her room. An entire afternoon passed by with her writing and drawing. In the evening, she ate dinner with Dai Yue. Luo Qing Luan returned to her room and had just put away the new novel she wrote, planning to visit Boss Li as soon as possible.

She just finished hiding the good stuff when Luo Qing Luan felt something. There seemed to be a disturbance outside in the distance.

It’s just about time to go to sleep already. Who was still being noisy outside? Moreover, this residence had always been managed very strictly by Wang Xue Ru. No servant would dare to make a racket randomly. Whose voice was it this time?

After asking Dai Yue about it, she found out the reason. 

It’s not that Wang Xue Ru didn’t have the time to come give her trouble. Rather, she was angered enough to be dizzy and seized a servant girl to vent her anger. At this time, she was in her room ferociously punishing the servant, enough to cause a ruckus in the General’s Mansion in the middle of the night.

“Isn’t she most cautious normally? Why is she throwing a fit so late at night? Isn’t she afraid that more wrinkles will grow on her face?” Luo Qing Luan faintly smiled and continued, “Dai Yue, stealthily go and see what in the world happened.”

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